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Park Ambassadors Role Description

Park Ambassadors who volunteer in this role will have an important part in helping to establish a positive and friendly dog park culture.

When visiting the park, the volunteer will wear their lanyard that designates them a Park Ambassador.

Some of the responsibilities that the Ambassador include:

– Must come to a committee meeting before application can be approved.

– Welcome visitors and help them negotiate the entrance safely.

– Answer questions.

– Chat with pet owners about park safety & etiquette.

– Promote the park to others in a positive nature.

– Help educate the public about red flags of dog body language. (materials available on the dog park website (

– Health watch – overheating, etc.

– Keeping it clean & tidy-hand out waste bags and acknowledge those who use them!

– Negotiate when to contact police, we do not want the Park Ambassador to take matters into their own hands.

(Some examples would include: attempting to stop a crime on your own, kicking park goers out of the park, etc)

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