Laura Mossakowski


Vice President


Toni McBride



Paul Theys



Jennie Wertel

Director of

Community Relations


 Charity Schneider

Committee focus:

Entrance areas

Continue to add structures for shade

Finish water at the park

Enhance within the dog park itself

 Commitee Wish List

  • Grant writer
  • PR Focused Individual (press releases, community calendars, etc.)
  • Marketing & Community Education
  • Volunteer Coordinator (for events and dog park days)
  • Donations and Fundraising Coordinator
  • Village of Bellevue Liaison
  • Event Coordinator

If you’re interested in any of these positions, please contact us at:

2555 Continental Court, Suite 4,  Bellevue,Wi. 54311

Laura & Peter Mossakowski Family Dog Park, LTD
Thank you to:
Shawn Schneider, dog park Secretary from it’s beginning  until December 2015.

Nicole Virant  retired Director of Marketing

Sandy Kemper, Vice-President from the beginning until December 2018