Master Plan Projects Phase ll

Master Plan Projects Phase ll

Looking for sponsors

Currently planning

                *Water Bubbler with human and dog faucet/washer

Est: $40-50,000 (based on where hook-up allows)

                Proposed site and looking to get bids


Trail-head Building and Area

Est: $300,000


Bridge cost

Est: $300,000


Entrance Structures and Picnic Shelter in Park

Est: $40,000


Kayak Launch

Est: $8,000 – may have some options for grants


  Additional Parking & Lighting Option
Est: $25-30,000



*Agility course/equipment – potentially donated and seek rocks/logs and natural items (Some logs for natural structures donated from the Village)


Further Shade Structures –  for further options in small dog area


Other – based on available funding, estimates, and available grants